Dennis Koyle

Gooding, Idaho  208-934-4269

Vice President, Fiddlers Inc.

Flailing fiddle player, hopeless

Mark Russell

Gooding, Idaho 208-539-0798

Director At Large, Fiddlers Inc.

Singer and Guitar Player

Organizer, Advertiser, Layout Specialist

Richard Fife

Gannett, Idaho 208-260-0364

Business Mgr, Treasurer Fiddlers Inc., Retired Military Man who keeps us spit polished and lined out. 

Finding Talent

Talent of many kinds is needed to help us accomplish our goals.  We need talented fiddle players, talented teachers of fiddle players, talented organizers, and talented fund raisers. This work can be exhausting but look at the faces of the talented fiddlers on this site and decide with us, it's worth it.   Whatever your talent, we need your help. Join us now!     

Fund Raising Efforts

Fiddlers Inc. is a Non-Profit 501 c3 organization and has an all volunteer work force.  Running a true non-profit organization is not easy.  When we're not planning and working to make the Fiddle Contest and Mannie's Jamboree happen we play music at nursing homes, retirement centers and senior centers.  Fiddlers of Idaho is organized and funded in part by Fiddlers Inc.

Our goal is to continue the 50+ year old tradition of bringing fiddlers together from far and near to enjoy a day of rock solid fiddle and folk music!   If you play fiddle, guitar, banjo or any other folk instrument you are invited to listen and play.  Join us.

Some Of Our Staff 

We keep the art of fiddling alive and well by providing incentive and an opportunity for young people to show their stuff.  Sometimes nothing gives them more incentive than a little extra change in their pocket.  So it takes a little change to make these things happen and we rely upon the support and generosity of corporations and local folks to help us do that.  We think it's worth the effort, look at the pictures and tell us what you think.  Contact us to find how you can help us accomplish this goal.

Our goal is to provide the State of Idaho with lively, fun fiddle competition and send top notch certified fiddlers to the National Old Time Fiddle Competition in Weiser, Idaho.

Mannies Jamboree

Fiddle Contest

Ken Worthington

Picabo, Idaho 208-720-3358

Founder & President, Fiddlers Inc.

Guitar player and cowboy singer